Chefin is the German word for ‘Female Chef’ or ‘Female Leader’.  These two roles encompass who Chef Melissa is within the company and who she strives to be within the local Tampa community.  The name Chefin was inspired by Melissa’s trip to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. 


‘Lebkuchenherzen’ (heart shaped gingerbread cookies) are traditionally sold at Oktoberfest.  While these hearts are made of gingerbread, they are not intended to be eaten.  Instead, they are worn around the neck, as they contain messages piped on them in icing like, “I love you” and are most likely given by a friend or sweetheart.  The Chefin logo pays homage to the Lebkuchenherzen inspiration through the icing-like script and the heart necklace around the cartoon’s neck.