About Artisan Chocolates

Chefin's Orange Chocolate Hearts

One of the desserts Chefin specializes in is Artisan Chocolates.  As a Pastry Chef, these happen to be one of my favorite things to make (and eat!)...I mean, come on, it's chocolate after all! But what exactly are Artisan Chocolates?

Artisan Chocolates are hand-crafted chocolates that are made either in batches of about 20 or  hand shaped one at a time. They are filled with all sorts of delicious fillings like ganache and caramel, offering a seemingly endless variety of flavor combinations.  No matter what the flavor, Artisan Chocolates fall into a few categories based on how they are made.  These categories include Molded Chocolates, Truffles, and Hand-Dipped Chocolates.

Molded chocolates get their name from the mold in which the chocolate is formed. Molds come in many different shapes and sizes, allowing many choices for any event.  You know those adorable chocolate Valentine's hearts or Easter bunnies...yep, those are all made in a mold. The great thing about molded chocolates is that the molds can be painted by hand with cocoa butter, offering an even more endless array of designs.  Personally, Molded Chocolates are my favorite because of this very reason -they allow me to be incredibly creative when designing them and I love that!  This allows every  Pastry Chef and Chocolatier to express their own style through the artwork in their desserts. Just look at these two chocolates, they use the same mold but look completely different!

Chefin's speckled pink chocolates

Chefin's White Chocolate Raspberry Chocolates

Another type of Artisan Chocolate that I love is Truffles -and I know I'm not alone in that.  I think most people love Truffles, as they are probably the most well-known type of Artisan Chocolate. Truffles are made one at a time.  They contain a firm filling that must be hand-rolled before being dipped into chocolate and finally, rolled into toppings.  The toppings add both an additional flavor to the chocolate and texture, which make them as delicious as they are visually appealing.

Chefin's Pistachio Truffles

Artisan Chocolates are a beautiful thing.  To me, they are one dessert that truly is a piece of art.  Each brushstroke of color on the chocolate shows the love the Chef put in to making them. And one thing's for sure: with all the flavor  and design combinations available Artisan Chocolates can be as unique as snowflakes - but we all know which one we'd rather eat!